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Spin Courses

Being confident in general English conversation is great. But being fluent in the language of your business is what will definitively seal your success. Following a growing number of requests for industry-specific content, we created the Englishtown Spin Courses. They are the undisputed best way to learn English terms related to your industry.

Screenshots of Englishtown's Special Interest (SPIN) Business English courses

What are Spin Courses?

Special Interest courses are a series of no-nonsense language lessons that go right to the heart of a specific industry's vernacular. Use the courses as a springboard to higher confidence, better communication and greater job satisfaction.

I want to enroll in an Englishtown Spin Course

Career-minded people taking Englishtown's Spin courses

Who takes these Spin Courses?

The students in the courses are career-minded people who simply want to do things better. They range from entry-level employees to senior executives. From absolute beginners to advanced learners. Why do they chose us? Simply because we at Englishtown conduct extensive research into every industry we cover.

That way, we understand the language you will need, the context in which you will use it and the functions it'll help you perform. Our goal: To help you become fluent in the lingo of your trade.

Click here to talk to a course consultant about a Spin Course for your industry

Englishtown's SPIN courses industry icons

What industries do the courses cover?

Right now, we have Spin Courses for dozens of industries. And we’re always adding more. When we feature any sector, we cover it in depth and the language we teach you is always current. The courses themselves are accessible, interesting and relevant. What you learn in class on a Monday you can use at work on Tuesday to great effect.

To be fluent in the language of your industry is rewarding. And a surefire way to jumpstart a successful career. Don't let a lack of business English stop you from achieving your full potential. Boost your career prospects now by joining an Englishtown Spin Course!

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